Another Successful Implementation of the Latest version of e-IBS?

September 2020, NY.

Datapro Inc., a leading provider of Core Banking Solutions in the Americas, congratulates the Board of Directors, Shareholders and Management Team of Chile’s Banco Estado New York Branch. A client of our solution since 2005, for the successful launch of the new version of Datapro’s e-IBS?.? The e-IBS? will allow Banco Estado New York Branch to maintain and increase the range of financial services that it offers to its clients.

The perfect mix of experience and vision led to a transparent and professional implementation for both clients and users of Banco Estado New York Branch.

Datapro Inc. expands its portfolio of successful use cases with another institution that relies on Datapro’s professional staff with proven migration processes to meet and exceed the client expectations, despite the limitation of a global pandemic.

Banco Estado New York Branch has implemented this new and modern state-of-the-art platform, modernizing its technological infrastructure.

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